Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UIS Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service

The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service (COLRS) is the UIS hub for the study and application of online learning pedagogy, technology, and best practices. For the first decade of its existence, the Center was named the Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning (OTEL).

COLRS is directed by Prof. Ray Schroeder, who has an international reputation for his expertise in online learning.

COLRS provides support in the areas of faculty development, instructional design, and pedagogical theory as it relates to the use and exploration of technologies to enhance online learning. From pedagogy to new technologies to troubleshooting, COLRS workshops, trainings, and one-on-one assistance can help.

Over the past decade UIS has moved to the forefront of institutions engaged in online learning and the uses of technology in instruction.

UIS faculty members’ responsiveness to adopting the Internet and other technologies for instruction has been followed quickly by their scholarship focused on online learning and emerging educational technologies.

UIS is building upon this record of accomplishment by establishing a Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service (COLRS). The Center:
  • Provides support for both original scholarly research and the dissemination of results.
  • Builds synergies between discovery research and the enhancement of current online education practices.
  • Informs, empowers, assists, and supports the faculty of UIS in the delivery of courses, degrees, and certificate programs through the Internet.
  • Reaches out around the globe to build exciting new online collaborations among educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses.

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