Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Faculty Reasons for Teaching Online

There are a number of reasons that faculty at UIS have for teaching online:
  • UIS has a long tradition of serving non-traditional students (UIS faculty care about providing access to higher education). [Photos] [Videos] [More Photos]
  • Faculty enjoy working with the high-quality students who are attracted to the UIS online degree programs.
  • Faculty get to know their online students really well through multiple weekly interactions; this is something that is valued by faculty.
  • The UIS online programs attract diverse students - not just students from rural towns in central Illinois.
  • Online teaching provides new opportunities for scholarship - many faculty have been able to publish papers about their online teaching experiences (P&T).
  • Online education is now part of the UIS culture - it is expected of all new faculty.
  • Teaching online gives faculty increased flexibility (travel, work from home, etc.).
  • Emeritus faculty report being re-invigorated by online teaching.
  • Faculty report that the new approaches they learn in teaching online can be used to improve their on-campus teaching.

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