Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Faculty-Driven Initiative with Distributed Ownership

At UIS, the online program is a faculty-driven initiative - it is NOT an administrative mandate.
  • Online degree programs at UIS are faculty-driven; departmental faculty first must vote to put their degrees online.
  • College must then approve, then the Undergraduate or Graduate Council, then the Campus Senate.
  • Faculty receive a modest course development stipend (or release time).
  • More information at:
At UIS, the online program also has a distributed ownership.
  • At UIS, no single person “owns” the online initiative; rather, there is a distributed ownership, so that everyone “owns” the initiative.
  • It isn’t even the responsibility of a single office – everyone, from the departmental secretaries to the provost, takes responsibility for a portion of the success of the online programs.

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