Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Online Program at UIS - Impact on the Institution and its Faculty

Over the past year, the online program at UIS generated the following number of credit hours:
  • Fall 2009 - 14,947 credit hours
  • Spring 2010 - 15,814 credit hours
  • Summer 2010 - 8,534 credit hours
This total of 39,295 credit hours generated ~$10,000,000 in tuition during the last year and ~$1,000,000 in additional fees that were returned to the colleges and the online support units. Additional fees were generated that went to other support areas.

During the past year, a significant fraction of the UIS faculty taught online:
  • Fall 2009 - 154 different faculty taught online
  • Spring 2010 - 154 different faculty taught online
  • Summer 2010 - 108 different faculty taught online
Over the entire year, about 175 different faculty taught online (out of ~250 faculty employed at UIS).

Importantly, each of the four faculty members who received awards in May 2010 for outstanding achievement and service teach online at UIS. In addition, each of the faculty members recommended for promotion in May 2010 also teach online at UIS.

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